1.08.010   Penalty for violations.
   1.08.020   Prohibited acts include causing, permitting, etc.
   1.08.030   When person arrested to be given notice to appear.
   1.08.040   Time for appearance.
   1.08.050   Place of appearance.
   1.08.060   Delivery of copy to arrested person - Release upon signing duplicate notice.
   1.08.070   Filing of duplicate notice - Fixing bail - Deposit of bail - Forfeiture - Order of no further proceedings.
   1.08.080   Grounds for issuance of warrant for arrest.
   1.08.090   Violation of promise to appear.
   1.08.100   Issuance of arrest warrant on failure to appear.
   1.08.110   Fees for licenses, permits, services, etc.; use of city facility or service.