General Provisions
   34.01   Statement of purpose
   34.02   Scope
   34.03   Appointing authority
   34.04   Department established; appointment of Director
   34.05   Duties of the Human Resources Director
   34.06   Basic employment policy — equal opportunity
   34.07   Preparation of personnel rules and regulations
   34.08   Personnel rules and regulations
   34.09   Nepotism; restriction on employment of relatives
   34.10   Code of Ethics for public officers and employees
   34.11   Social Security — Declaration of policy to come within system
   34.12   Adoption of U.S. General Services Administration travel and per diem rates
   34.13   Indemnification and legal representation for city officials and employees
   34.14   Recruitment and examinations
Whistle-blower's Ordinance
   34.20   Title
   34.21   Purpose
   34.22   Definitions
   34.23   Actions prohibited
   34.24   Nature of information disclosed
   34.25   To whom information disclosed
   34.26   Employees and persons protected
   34.27   Remedies
   34.28   Relief
   34.29   Defenses
   34.30   Award program for employees reporting information
   34.31   Existing rights
   34.32   Retroactive application
   Duty of City Manager to prescribe salary schedules, see § 30.03(L)
   Personnel system established, see Charter § 4.03
   Police and firefighters retirement pension plan, Board of Trustees, see §§ 52.160 et seq.
   Power of City Manager in respect to appointment, suspension and removal of officers and employees, see § 30.03(A)