The City Manager shall be the chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch of thecity. City Manager or she may head one (1) or more departments and shall be responsible to the Council for the proper administration of all affairs of the city.  The City Manager shall:
   (A)   Appoint, and when he or she deems it necessary for the good of the city, suspend or remove all city employees and appointive administrative officers provided for by or under this ordinance, except as otherwise provided by law. City Manager may authorize any administrative officer who is subject to his or her direction and supervision to exercise these powers with respect to subordinates in that officer's department, office or agency. The City Manager shall inform the Council of any contemplated removal of an administrative officer or department head three (3) days prior to taking final action.
   (B)   Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the city, except as otherwise provided by this code or any other ordinance of the city.
   (C)   Attend all Council meetings and shall have the right to take part in discussion but may not vote.  The Manager shall appoint a qualified administrative officer of the city to attend Council meetings during a temporary absence or temporary disability.
   (D)   See that all laws, provisions of the Charter, ordinances and acts of the Council, subject to enforcement by the City Manager or by officers subject to his or her direction and supervision, are faithfully executed.
   (E)   Prepare and submit the annual budget, budget message, and capital program to the Council.
   (F)   Submit to the Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city as of the end of each fiscal year.
   (G)   Keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the city and make such recommendations to the Council concerning the affairs of the city as he or she deems desirable.
   (H)   Make such other reports as the Council may require concerning the operations of city departments, offices and agencies, subject to his direction and supervision.
   (I)   Investigate the affairs of the city or any department thereof. Investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the government of the city, and in regard to service maintained by the public utilities in the city, and see that all franchises, permits, and privileges granted by the city are faithfully observed.
   (J)   Recommend to the Council adoption of such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient for the health, safety or welfare of the community, or for the improvement of administrative services.
   (K)   Consolidate or combine offices, positions, departments or units under his jurisdiction with the approval of the Council.
   (L)   Prescribe a standard schedule of pay for each appointive office and position in the city service, including minimum, intermediate and maximum rates for Council approval.
   (M)   Devote full time to the discharge of his official duties.
   (N)   Sign contracts on behalf of the city pursuant to Council's direction or the provisions of appropriate ordinances.
   (O)   Perform such other duties as may be required by the Council, not inconsistent with the city Charter, law or ordinances.
('74 Code, § 2-18)  (Ord. 76-2, passed 4-1-76; Am. Ord. 2002-42, passed 7-2-02; Am. Ord. 2021-32, passed 6-17-21)