(A)   A customer shall have the right to request relief from or an adjustment to an allowed allocation. The timing and processing of the request shall be as provided in section 22-162.
   (B)   In determining whether relief shall be granted, the hearing officer shall consider all relevant factors including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:
      (1)   Any considerations that might warrant modifications to the maximum allowed water use based on the customer's historical use.
      (2)   Whether the required reduction in water consumption will result in unemployment or economic hardship dissimilar to other similarly situated customers.
      (3)   Whether additional members have been added to the household.
      (4)   Whether any additional landscaped property has been added to the property subsequent to the historical base period.
      (5)   Changes in vacancy factors in multi-family housing.
      (6)   Increased number of employees in commercial, industrial and governmental offices.
      (7)   Water uses during new construction.
      (8)   Adjustments to water use caused by emergency, health or safety issues.
      (9)   First filling of a swimming pool constructed under permit.
      (10)   Water use necessary for reasons related to family illness or health.
      (11)   Increased production requiring increased processed water.
      (12)   Water use in multi-family housing or mobile home parks where more than one dwelling unit is provided water service by a single water meter.
      (13)   Unusual or unexplained water usage.
      (14)   Water usage that is substantially less than adjacent and similar properties as a direct result of historic water conservation practices. In no event, however, may an adjustment be made which would permit a water use higher than that which historically existed.
(Ord. No. 2729)