SEC. 22-162. APPEAL.
   (A)   Each customer shall have the right to appeal the restrictions or allocation granted under the water shortage resolution or any notice of violation by filing a written request for appeal with the city clerk within fifteen days of receipt of the relevant decision or notice.
   (B)   If the request for appeal is not received by the city clerk within the required period, the customer shall forfeit the right to appeal.
   (C)   Each customer filing an appeal shall be given a hearing before a hearing officer designated by the city manager. The hearing shall be conducted promptly following the request.
   (D)   The customer may present any relevant evidence at the hearing. The formal rules of evidence shall not apply. All relevant evidence shall be admissible, unless a sound objection warrants its exclusion.
   (E)   No relief shall be granted to any customer who, when requested, fails to provide any information necessary for resolution of the customer's appeal. The imposition of any remedy, surcharge, and installation of a flow-restricting device or fine shall be stayed during the processing of the appeal.
   (F)   A final decision on the appeal shall be provided to the customer in writing within thirty days of receipt of the appeal. The customer shall have exhausted his/her administrative remedies upon the issuance of this final decision.
(Ord. No. 2729)