Before the city commits to provide water service to new lands or for an intensification of water use on old lands in the event of:
   (A)   Annexation of land into boundaries of the city;
   (B)   The subdivision of property as evidenced by the filing of a parcel map, tract map or other discretionary development approval;
   (C)   The application for a new water system connection pursuant to section 22-36 of this code; or
   (D)   The application for a new water service connection pursuant to section 22-37 of this code, the land owner requesting such water service for his/her property shall transfer or assign to the city any water rights, water wells, mains, easements, and water production equipment or facilities which may be appurtenant to such property or which may be used exclusively thereon as follows:
      (1)   Any and all applicable groundwater pumping allocations and/or credits attributable to the property to be served by the city and available from the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency, shall be transferred to the city by the property owner. The property owner shall be responsible for all fees and charges necessary to obtain the approval of the transfer of pumping allocations and/or credits from the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency to the city;
      (2)   However, when the water rights and appurtenant facilities as described in this section are used to supply water to land which will not concurrently be supplied with water service from the city, such water rights and appurtenant facilities may continue to supply the lands not receiving city water service until such time and upon such terms and conditions as the public works director may establish.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-67) (Ord. No. 1009, 2502)