(A)   A charge shall be made for the installation of each new water service and water meter within the city in order to recover the cost of current labor, equipment, materials and overhead. These charges shall be paid in advance according to the schedule of charges established by resolution of the city council. Separate schedules of charges shall be established for installation of each new meter on a new service; installation of each new meter on an existing service, previously installed and paid for within the city for these services less than five years old; and installation of each new meter on an existing service for those services more than five years old.
   (B)   Whenever the installation of a service or meter within the city is determined by the public works director to require special materials, labor or equipment, or where services or meters larger than two inches are required within the city, the charge shall be the actual cost thereof, plus indirect costs.
   (C)   Prior to installation thereof, the public works director shall estimate the charge and the applicant for service shall advance to the city such estimated charge. Upon completion of the installation, the actual charge shall be determined by the finance director. The city shall refund to the applicant any portion of the amount paid which is in excess of such charge. In case the estimated charge paid by the applicant is less than the actual charge, the applicant shall pay to the city the difference between the estimated charge and the actual charge. In addition to the service connection charge set forth in this section and prior to such service connection or issuance of a building permit, applicant shall have paid a charge for existing mains, or leave constructed a water main, as set forth hereinafter.
   (D)   The water superintendent may, at his/her discretion, permit the installation of services by private contractors. The cost of inspection of these installations shall be borne by the applicant.
(`64 Code, Sec. 33-27) (Ord. No. 1003, 1319, 1771)