No person shall park a vehicle in an off-street parking facility owned or operated by the city in a stall or space designated exclusively for parking an electric vehicle for charging purposes, which is posted in accordance with California Vehicle Code section 22511, as it may be amended or renumbered from time to time, for any purpose other than to charge an electric vehicle. Nor shall any person connect any device, item, equipment, or thing to an electric charger located at such space or stall other than an electric vehicle, as defined herein. As used in this Section 8-57:
   (A)   An “electric vehicle” means a plug-in electric vehicle, including an exclusively electric vehicle (“EV”) and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (“PHEV”);
   (B)   An EV means a motor vehicle exclusively powered by an electric propulsion system; and
   (C)   A PHEV means a motor vehicle primarily powered by an electric propulsion system and secondarily by an internal combustion system, which powers the electric propulsion system when the on-board source of electricity is depleted or discharged.
(Ord. No. 2874)