(A)   The poundmaster shall feed and care for any dog or cat impounded as provided in this chapter until the dog or cat is disposed of as provided by law.
   (B)   If such dog or cat is not a “diseased or injured dog or cat,” as defined in this chapter, and is not suspected of having rabies, the owner of such impounded dog or cat may redeem the dog or cat at any time within five days after being taken up by describing the cat or dog, proving ownership to the satisfaction of the poundmaster, by paying all applicable fees and by obtaining, when necessary, the dog or cat license tag.
   (C)   When the poundmaster knows the address of the owner of an impounded dog or cat the five days for redemption shall begin when written notice of such impounding is deposited in the mail, postage prepaid, directed to such address. However, an owner may waive the five-day redemption period in writing. If the impounded dog or cat bears a license tag, such notice shall be mailed to the address shown on the copy of the receipt for such license tag on file in the licensing services division.
   (D)   If any dog or cat impounded is not so redeemed within such five days, or if the owner of such dog or cat is unknown to the poundmaster, or fails, or refuses to comply with any of the requirements of redemption as provided herein, or if the owner has waived the redemption period in writing, the poundmaster shall dispose of such dogs or cats according to the provisions of the city code.
   (E)   In disposing of an impounded dog or cat, the poundmaster may destroy the dog or cat in a humane manner or may sell such dog or cat for a pet to any person who obtains a license tag.
   (F)   When a dog or cat is returned to the pound within ten days of such sale, the buyer or other person returning the dog or cat shall not be given the discretion to determine what disposition shall be made of the dog or cat. The price to be charged for any dog or cat sold as a pet shall be as prescribed by city council.
(`64 Code, Sec. 5-56) (Ord. No. 735, 1212, 2388)