(A)   Firearm and ammunition sales may be established, subject to all other provisions of this chapter and division, only in the general commercial (C-2) and limited manufacturing (M-L) zoning districts. For the purposes of this division, the establishment of any business engaged in firearm and ammunition sales shall include the locating and opening of such a business as a new business, the relocation of such business, the conversion of an existing business location to any firearm and ammunition sales use, or the expansion of an existing firearm and ammunition sales use.
   (B)   Locational criteria. In the C-2 and M-L zoning districts, no firearm and ammunition sales use may be established within the following proximity to the sensitive uses identified below:
      (1)   Within 600 feet of any residentially zoned property;
      (2)   Within 600 feet of any day care center. For the purposes of this division, day care center includes any child or adult day care facility, other than a family day care home, and includes infant center, preschools, extended day care facilities for adults and/or children which involve the supervision of more than 14 persons for a period of less than 24 hours per day;
      (3)   Within 600 feet of any park. For the purposes of this division, park includes any land or easements owned or leased by the city which, by ordinance, resolution, regulation, or agreement, is dedicated to or operated by the city for purposes of public recreation, be it active or passive. This term does not apply to trails, bikeways, or similar facilities;
      (4)   Within 600 feet of any church, as defined by section 16-10 as a building primarily operated for worship or for promotion of religious activities excluding other buildings or activities maintained by religious organizations such as educational institutions, hospitals, homeless shelters, and day care centers or operations that are commercial in nature;
      (5)   Within 600 feet of any school. For the purposes of this division, school includes any child day care facility or educational institution for minors, whether public or private, offering instruction in those courses of study required by the Cal. Education Code and maintained pursuant to standards set by the State Board of Education. This definition includes nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, middle or junior high school, senior high school, or any special institution of education for grades K through 12. This definition does not include tutoring centers, a professional or commercial school, or an institution of higher education, including a community or junior college, college, or university;
      (6)   Within 600 feet of the boundaries of the Oxnard Transportation Center and Oxnard Airport; and
      (7)   Within 200 feet of another legally authorized firearm and ammunition sales business or firearm range.
   (C)   Measurement. All locational criteria outlined in this division shall be calculated using the distance between the closest exterior wall of the firearm and ammunition sales business and the nearest property line of the identified sensitive use in a straight line extended between two points, without regard for intervening structures.
   (D)   Permit requirements and conditions. The establishment of a firearm and ammunition sales use is permitted only on approval of a special use permit, as provided in sections 16-530 through 16-553.
      (1)   In addition to the application materials described in section 16-533, the following information shall be provided within an application for a special use permit:
         (a)   Plans shall indicate the nature of construction of exterior walls, placement, and size of exterior windows and doors, and location of exterior heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, and skylights.
         (b)   A business proposal detailing the proposed operation, what types of firearms and ammunition will be sold and stored on-site, an account of the quantities, types, storage, and handling of any hazardous materials, and any ancillary services performed, including firearm repair and maintenance.
         (c)   Staff positions and responsibilities.
      (2)   In addition to the factors described in section 16-532, conditions of approval involving the following factors may be imposed by the planning commission on a special use permit for firearm and ammunition sales:
         (a)   Safety and security related to the design and operation of the proposed use, security and access control systems, and the like;
         (b)   Site and building target hardening;
         (c)   Inspections to ensure compliance with conditions of approval and applicable laws;
         (d)   Weapons and ammunition storage;
         (e)   The maintenance of all required state, federal and local licenses;
         (f)   Copies of a live-scan for all applicants for employment, submitted to the police chief or his/her designee; and
         (g)   Liability and risk management.
   (E)   Requirements for granting. In addition to those findings listed in section 16-531, the applicant must demonstrate and the planning commission must find that the proposed use is in conformance with the following, prior to granting a special use permit for the sale of firearms and ammunition:
      (1)   The establishment has incorporated adequate security so as to reduce the likelihood that the use will aggravate policing issues; and
      (2)   The proposed operational procedures are sufficient to mitigate issues related to facility security, staff and customer safety, and first responder events.
(Ord. No. 2961)