WHEREAS, on March 10, 1962, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 872, adopting the Code of the City of Oxnard, California ("the City Code"); and
   WHEREAS, the City Code has been amended many times and would benefit from being reorganized, revised to improve grammar and phrasing, and updated to delete or replace obsolete material; and
   WHEREAS, most of such modifications are not substantive, with the exception of four modifications that are identified in the negative declaration prepared for this project; and
   WHEREAS, in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act, the Planning and Environmental Services Manager provided public notice of the intent of the City to adopt a negative declaration for this project, and the City Council has considered the proposed negative declaration, together with any comments received during the public review process, finds on the basis of the whole record before it (including the initial study and any comments received) that there is no substantial evidence that the project will have a significant effect on the environment, further finds that the negative declaration reflects the independent judgment of the City, and adopts the negative declaration; and
   WHEREAS, the documents and other material that constitute the record of proceedings upon which the decision to adopt the negative declaration are based is located in the Planning and Environmental Services Division of the Development Services Department, and the custodian of the record is the Planning and Environmental Services Manager; and
   WHEREAS, the reorganized and revised City Code, including amendments that became effective on or before June 30, 2004, is provided as Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated herein in full by this reference; and
   WHEREAS, a list of substantive and non-substantive modifications to the current City Code, which are incorporated into Exhibit A, is attached hereto as Exhibit B attached hereto and incorporated herein in full by this reference; and
   WHEREAS, Exhibit A contains only those ordinances amending the City Code that were adopted by the City Council as of June 30, 2004, and must be supplemented by amendments to the City Code adopted thereafter; and
   WHEREAS, amendments that became effective after June 30, 2004 and before adoption of this ordinance and that were not specifically repealed are listed in Exhibit C, attached hereto and incorporated herein in full by this reference; and
   WHEREAS, the amendments listed in Exhibit C are in full force and effect, are not repealed or affected by the adoption of this ordinance, and will be added to the City Code in due course by the publisher thereof, together with amendments that become effective hereafter.
   NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council of the City of Oxnard does ordain as follows:
   Part 1. Exhibit A, being a codification of ordinances of the City of Oxnard, is adopted as the Code of the City of Oxnard, California; provided, however, that subsection D of section 16-505 is deleted and further provided that in the publisher's notes to section 1-26 the reference to "Ord. No. 381" is deleted and replaced with a reference to "Ord. No. 1381."
   Part 2. The City Clerk is directed to request that the publisher of the City Code add thereto the amendments listed in Exhibit C, as well as other amendments that become effective after June 30, 2004, in locations and with numerical designations appropriate to the new format of the City Code.
   Part 3. Ordinance No. 872 is repealed.
   Part 4. The City Clerk advised the City Council that it is not feasible to prepare a fair and adequate summary of the proposed ordinance. Therefore, as authorized by Government Code section 36933(c)(2), the City Council orders the City Clerk to publish in a newspaper of general circulation in the City a display advertisement of at least one-quarter of a page at least five days prior to the meeting at which this ordinance is to be adopted. Within 15 days after adoption of this ordinance, the City Clerk shall publish a display advertisement of at least one-quarter of a page. Such advertisements shall indicate the general nature of, and provide information about, the proposed or adopted ordinance, including information sufficient to enable the public to obtain copies of the complete text of the ordinance, and the names of those City Council members voting for and against the ordinance.
   Part 5. Ordinance No. 2694 was first read on   July 19  , 2005, and finally adopted on   July 26 , 2005, to become effective thirty days thereafter.
   AYES: Councilmembers Holden, Herrera, Maulhardt, Zaragoza and Flynn.
   NOES: None.
   ABSENT: None.
Dr. Thomas E. Holden /s/ 
ATTEST:                     APPROVED AS TO FORM:
Lourdes A. Lopez /s/                   Gary L. Gillig /s/ 
for Daniel Martinez, City Clerk            City Attorney