A.   Application: Any organization seeking to obtain or renew a State issued premises permit shall file with the City Clerk an executed, complete duplicate application, together with all exhibits and documents accompanying the application as will be filed with the State, as well as an application form as prescribed by the City and the following information:
      1.   Name and address of the organization requesting the permit.
      2.   Name and address of the officers and person accounting for receipts, expenses, and profits for the event.
      3.   Dates of the gambling occasion for which the permit is requested.
      4.   Address of premises where the event will occur.
      5.   Copy of rental or leasing arrangement, if any, connected with the event including rental to be charged to the organization.
      6.   Estimated value of prizes to be awarded.
     B.   Conditions for Issuance:
      1.   Gambling shall be operated in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in this chapter, other applicable city ordinances and state and federal laws and regulations.
      2.   The establishment for which the State issued premised permit or the organization leasing the premises for gambling shall not have been found to have violated any State Statute, State rule, or this code relating to the operation of the establishment including, but not limited to, laws relating to the operation of the establishment, laws relating to alcoholic beverages, gambling, controlled substances, suppression of vice, and protection of public safety within the last three (3) years.
      3.   The gambling organization has been in existence in the City or within the City of Albertville, City of Monticello, Monticello Township, City of Rogers, or City of St. Michael for at least three (3) consecutive years prior to the date of application.
      4.     The gambling organization shall have at least fifteen (15) active members.
      5.   Lawful gambling subject to the requirements of this chapter shall be limited and will not take place at a premises the gambling organization owns or rents.
      6.   Lawful gambling subject to the requirements of this chapter shall be limited to a premises for which an on-sale liquor license has been issued.
      7.   Not more than one (1) gambling organization licensed to conduct lawful gambling activities subject to the requirements of this chapter shall conduct lawful gambling at any one (1) premises.
   C.   Fee: The applicant shall pay a fee at the time of application as established by section 3-1-2 of this Code for the City Clerk for costs incurred by the City to investigate the application.
   D.   Consideration Of Recommendation:
      1.   The applicant shall be notified in writing of the date on which the City Council will consider the recommendation.
      2.   The City Council shall, by resolution, approve or disapprove the application within sixty (60) days of receipt of the application.
      3.   The City Council shall only approve an application for issuance or renewal of a state issued premises permit if there is compliance with all of the of this chapter.
   E.   Term:
      1.   Licenses issued by the State are perpetual and valid unless the board revokes or suspends the license, the organization terminates the license, or the license lapses.
      2.   The City approval of the State issued premises permit shall expire each year on the date it was initially approved by the State with renewal to be considered in accordance with Section 4-7-6 of this chapter.
   F.   Revocation Or Suspension:
      1.   City approval of a State issued gambling permit may be revoked or temporarily suspended for a violation by the gambling organization of any State Statute, State rule, or city ordinance relating to gambling.
      2.   A permittee shall be given ten (10) days written notice sent via first class U.S. mail of a penalty, suspension, or revocation action stating the charges against the permittee.
      3.   Hearing:
         a.   The notice shall state the right of the permittee to request a hearing regarding the revocation or suspension of the city gambling permit.
         b.   The notice shall state that the permittee must affirmatively request the hearing within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice or that the hearing is otherwise waived.
         c.   A hearing to consider suspension or revocation of a city gambling permit shall be conducted by the City Council in accordance with Minnesota Statutes sections 14.57 to 14.70.
      4.   Notice of lapse, revocation, or suspension of a state issued premises permit shall also constitute notice to the permittee of the suspension or revocation of the city gambling permit. (Ord. 2021-16, 9-27-2021)