18-3-1: Appendix A; Compliance Required
18-3-2: Compliance With Zoning Title
18-3-3: Frontage Calculations
18-3-4: Copy Area Limitations
18-3-5: Signposting Method Restrictions
18-3-6: Signposting Prohibited On Private Property Without Consent
18-3-7: Safety Precautions Over Streets And Sidewalks
18-3-8: Signs Covering Doors Or Windows Prohibited
18-3-9: Light Inflammable Material Prohibited
18-3-10: Maintenance Requirements; City Liability
18-3-11: Use Of Temporary Or Banner Signs
18-3-12: Awning Sign Restrictions
18-3-13: Animated Sign Restrictions
18-3-14: Marquee Sign Restrictions
18-3-15: Noise Signs Prohibited
18-3-16: Projecting Sign Limitations
18-3-17: Painted Wall Sign Restrictions
18-3-18: Shopping Center Sign Regulations
18-3-19: Directory Signs
18-3-20: Property Sign Time Limits
18-3-21: Temporary Directional Signs Time Limits
18-3-22: Historical Signs
18-3-23: Banners For Special Occasions
18-3-24: Banner Signs For New Business
18-3-25: Menu Board Signs
18-3-26: Noncommercial Opinion Signs; Transition Provisions
18-3-27: Off Premises Sign Regulations
18-3-28: Sponsorship Signs
18-3-29: Electronic Message Display Signs
18-3-30: Special Exceptions And Restrictions For Signage In The Junction Development
18-3-31: Special Regulations Regarding Use Of Searchlights Or Spotlights
18-3-32: Special Regulations For Cannabis Production Establishments And Medical Cannabis Pharmacies