General Provisions
   76.01   Prohibition against parking on highways, boulevards, sidewalks, or sidewalk areas on improved streets
   76.02   Condition when motor vehicle left unattended
   76.03   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
   76.04   Parking prohibitions
   76.05   Parking near curb; privileges for persons with disabilities
   76.06   Parking on private property in violation of posted prohibition
   76.07   Parking restrictions on commercial vehicles
   76.08   Parking restrictions during snow emergency
   76.09   Parking restrictions for street cleaning and snow removal
   76.10   Parking restrictions on certain streets
   76.11   Parking meters eliminated from certain areas
Parking Violations Bureau
   76.25   General requirements
   76.26   Procedures
   76.27   Parking Violations Bureau
   76.28   Answer to charges
   76.29   Failure to answer; procedures
   76.30   Proceedings against owner who was not operator; rental vehicles
   76.31   Proceedings against registration of motor vehicle
   76.32   Civil fine and penalty
Statutory reference:
   Noncriminal parking infractions, local option to create, see R.C. Chapter 4521