(A)   If a public sewer is not accessible and not available as herein provided, the Village Council shall permit the installation of a septic tank and leaching beds as approved by the County Health Department for a new house subject to the following restrictions.
   (B)   Approval for such septic tank must be obtained in writing from the Village Council after submission to the Council of an application for a permit therefor, signed by the owner, agent or lessee of the property for which the septic tank is desired and by the person, firm or corporation employed to install such septic tank.  The application must describe the location and use of the property, the number and size of the lot and include therewith a set of plans for the septic tank to be installed.
   (C)   No permit shall be granted for any dwelling or building other than one-family residential dwellings, or for any dwelling or building which will produce waste in quantity or in strength than wastes normal for a one-family dwelling.
   (D)   No permit for a septic tank shall be granted for a lot having an area of less than 10,000 square feet, or if soil conditions are unfavorable for proper operation of leaching fields.
   (E)   No permit for a septic tank shall granted for new subdivision developments.
(Ord. 531, passed 6-7-60)  Penalty, see § 52.99