(A)   No wastewaters introduced into the wastewater treatment works shall interfere with the operation or performance of the works.
   (B)   Specifically, the following wastes shall not be introduced into the wastewater treatment works:
      (1)   Wastes which create a fire or explosion hazard in the wastewater treatment works:
      (2)   Wastes which will cause corrosive structural damage to the wastewater treatment works, but in no case wastes with a pH lower than 5.0;
      (3)   Solid or viscous wastes in amounts which would cause obstruction to the flow in sewers, or other interference with the proper operation of the wastewater treatment works;
      (4)   Slug discharges; and
      (5)   Pollutants, including heavy metals, toxic wastes and wastes which are generally not amenable to treatment, or are detrimental to the treatment process, in concentrations or amounts in excess of limitations established by the village, state or federal regulations including the NPDES Permit.  Such pollutants may be subject to pretreatment to comply with limitations established or may be subject to prohibition.
(Ord. 678, passed 9-7-76)  Penalty, see § 52.99