Rights of Way
919.01   Purpose and objectives.
919.02   Definitions.
919.03   Police powers.
919.04   Permit required.
919.05   Permit application; permit contents; required excess capacity.
919.06   Application permit and acceptance.
919.07   Permit fee.
919.08   Insurance and indemnification.
919.09   Performance and maintenance security.
919.10   Pre-construction meeting, inspections and acceptance.
919.11   Public safety.
919.12   Time of completion.
919.13   Traffic control.
919.14   General rights of way use and construction.
919.15   Joint planning and construction; coordination of excavations.
919.16   Minimizing the impacts of work in the rights of way.
919.17   Standards for repairs and restoration.
919.18   Relocation of facilities.
919.19   Abandonment and removal of facilities.
919.20   Revocation of permits and stop work orders.
919.21   Appeals procedure.
919.22   Severability.
919.23   Choice of law and forum.
919.24   Disruption costs.
919.25   Administrative/Management Costs.
919.99   Penalty.
Appendix A.  Traffic Control
Appendix B.  Guidelines for Construction Standards