(a)   No one-family use within an R-PC District may be on a site less than 1,650 square feet in area, unless it directly adjoins open space, in which case it may be less than 1,250 square feet in area. No site may be less than twenty-five feet in width or fifty feet in depth.  Coverage of such site shall not exceed sixty-five percent on sites directly adjoining open space and fifty percent on all other sites. No setbacks shall be required. However, total site coverage shall not exceed thirty-five percent of total area.
   (b)   Residential use shall not exceed a gross density of ten dwelling units per acre and commercial uses shall not contain a total square footage in excess of ten percent of the square footage of the residential buildings.
   (c)   An area no less than thirty percent of the total lot must be reserved as open space or park area. This area must be for the exclusive use of the R-PC District or be dedicated to the City as a public recreation area.
   (d)   All applications for R-PC Districts must include detailed site and building plans, and all applications, after approval by the Planning Commission, shall be submitted to the Council of the City of Norton for approval, denial, modification or amendment.  These plans shall include no less than the following:
      (1)   A map showing all street systems and lot designs proposed within the District and all areas proposed to be dedicated or reserved for parks, parkways, playgrounds, school sites, public buildings and all other such uses.  Compliance with this requirement shall not be construed to relieve the applicant from compliance with the Subdivision Regulations or any other applicable ordinance of the City of Norton.
      (2)   A map showing the topography of the proposed District at two-foot contour intervals.
      (3)   A general land use plan for the proposed District, indicating the approximate areas to be used for various purposes.
      (4)   A plat plan for each building site or sites. This plat plan shall show the approximate location of all proposed buildings, indicating maximum and minimum distances between buildings and between buildings and property or building site lines.
      (5)   An off-street parking and loading plan.
      (6)   A circulation diagram indicating the proposed movement of vehicles, goods and pedestrians within and to or from adjacent public thoroughfares. Any special engineering features and traffic regulation devices needed to facilitate or insure the safety of this circulation pattern shall be shown.
      (7)   A landscaping plan.
      (8)   Elevations or perspective drawings of all proposed structures, except one-family dwellings. The purpose of such drawings is to indicate, within stated limits, the height of proposed buildings and the general appearance of proposed structures to assure that the entire development will have architectural unity and be in harmony with surrounding developments.
   (e)   Upon acceptance and final approval of the application, the R-PC District shall be shown on the Official Zoning Map as provided in Section 1258.01(a).
   (f)   All lots and structures located within the District must be served by adequate sewer and water facilities controlled and/or operated by a duly constituted public governmental authority, with such sewer and water facilities connected to any dwelling located or to be located thereon. 
(Ord. 1-1988.  Passed 4-11-88.)