1282.01  INTENT.
   Off-street parking and loading requirements and regulations are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To relieve congestion so that streets can be utilized more fully for movement of vehicular traffic;
   (b)   To promote the safety and convenience of pedestrians and shoppers by locating parking areas so as to lessen car movement in the vicinity of intensive pedestrian traffic;
   (c)   To protect adjoining residential neighborhoods from on-street parking;
   (d)   To promote the general convenience, welfare and prosperity of business, service, research, production and manufacturing developments which depend upon off-street parking facilities; and
   (e)   To provide regulations and standards for the development of accessory off-street parking and loading facilities in accordance with the objectives of the Master Plan of the City of North Royalton.
(Ord. 08-111.  Passed 9-2-08.)