Municipal Cemetery
1068.01   Burials outside Municipal Cemetery prohibited.
1068.02   Exhumation of unlawfully buried bodies.
1068.03   Sale of grave lots; fees; maximum number of burials per lot.
1068.04   Sale or transfer of graves.
1068.05   Purchaser's deed.
1068.06   Burial permit required; fee; purpose.
1068.07   Footer installation charge.
1068.08   Disposition of permit fees.
1068.09   Burial of indigent persons.
1068.10   Headstones, monuments, footstones and markers.
1068.11   Grave linings.
1068.12   Cemetery rules.
1068.13   Burials restricted to relatives of lot owner. (Repealed)
1068.14   Bester family.
1068.99   Penalty.
   Municipal cemetery - see CHTR. Art. X
   Burials may be prohibited - see Ohio R.C. 759.05
   Management and control - see Ohio R.C. 759.09
   Union cemeteries - see Ohio R.C. 759.27 et seq.
   Burial permits - see Ohio R.C. 3705.24 et seq.
   Burial of indigent persons - see Ohio R.C. 5113.15
   Division of Municipal Parks, Properties, Cemeteries and Recreation - see ADM. Ch. 252