Use of Right-of-Way for Telecommunications; Regulations and Permits
1028.01   Permit required.
1028.02   Permit form.
1028.025   Permit fees.
1028.03   Definitions.
1028.04   Permit issuance and conditions.
1028.05   Design and construction requirements; street and other public improvements; technical standards; tree trimming.
1028.06   Administration and regulation.
1028.07   Reports and records.
1028.08   Indemnification and insurance.
1028.09   Removal of facilities; transfer of ownership to city.
1028.10   Assignment of permit and lease of facilities.
1028.11   Permit revocation.
1028.12   Equal opportunity; safety.
1028.13   Compliance with standards.
1028.14   Emergency use of facilities.
1028.15   Other legal remedies.
1028.16   Compliance with chapter required.
1028.17   Permittee as independent contractor.
1028.18   City's right to purchase or condemn public works or ways.
1028.19   Corporate qualifications to be maintained.
1028.20   Amendments to permit.
1028.21   Governing law.
1028.22   Representatives.
1028.99   Penalty.