Excavation permit fee (1020.05)
$ 50.00
Drainage ditches and culverts (1022.02)
Sanitary sewer connections and inspections: (1040.04) Single-family houses
$ 140.00
Multifamily buildings, including apartments, townhouses and plexes (first unit)
Each additional unit
Commercial buildings and schedule
Industrial buildings and schedule
Permit fees for the laying of various diameters of sewer pipe for each 100 feet laid, or fraction thereof: (1041.04)
   4 to 7-inch diameter
   8 to 11-inch diameter
   12-inch and larger diameter
Tap-in fees: (1041.09)
Single-family dwelling (new construction)
   3 bedrooms or less
   4 bedrooms
   5 bedrooms or more per each additional bedroom
Existing single-family dwelling
   3 bedrooms or less
   4 or more bedrooms
Two-family dwelling
   3 bedrooms or less
   4 bedrooms
   5 bedrooms or more per dwelling per each additional bedroom
Multifamily dwelling
   3 bedrooms or less
   4 bedrooms
   5 bedrooms or more per dwelling per each additional bedroom
   1 bedroom unit
   Each additional bedroom
   All kitchens, staff facilities, scrub sinks
100.00 per fixture
Commercial building
   Tap-in fee to be computed based on fixture count at $100.00 per fixture (minimum tap-in fee)
Industrial building
   Tap-in fee to be computed based on fixture count at $100.00 per fixture (minimum tap-in fee)
   (1)   All residences, commercial buildings and industrial buildings which are located within the boundaries of the City and which are required to show payment of tap-in fees to Medina County in accordance with the signed contract between the City of North Royalton and Medina County shall pay the appropriate fee as determined above but shall receive a credit not to exceed the above amounts for the amount paid to Medina County.
   (2)   The above fee schedule will also apply for all existing residences, existing commercial buildings and existing industrial buildings which are located outside of the boundaries of the City who tap into the North Royalton Sanitary sewer system. New construction fees for all residences, commercial buildings and industrial buildings located outside the boundaries of the city will be calculated at 150% of the appropriate new construction charge set forth in this subsection.
(Ord. 97-191. Passed 10-21-97; Ord. 2000-139. Passed 9-5-00; Ord. 04-74. Passed 3-30-04; Ord. 04-110. Passed 5-4-04.)
Permits for purchase of water from City Hall hydrant: (1046.03(a))
   First 500 gallons (3 mos.)
$ 3.00
   Each additional 500 gallons or fraction thereof
Garbage and rubbish:
Special collections (1060.01(b))
$15.00 per cubic yard or fraction thereof by volume or $3.00 per hundred weight or fraction thereof by weight, whichever is greater, but not less than $15.00.
Commercial haulers license (1060.05(a))
$10.00 per year
Services rendered by the City Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for residents and nonresidents (per person, per call):
Basic life support
Advanced life support 1
Advanced life support 2
One way mileage charge
The City will forgive for all North Royalton City residents, employees, or owners of real property within the City of North Royalton any outstanding balance resulting from the above fees after available insurance reimbursement is made on their behalf to the City.
(Ord. 02-94. Passed 7-16-02; Ord. 12-36.  Passed 2-21-12; Ord. 16-62. Passed 3-15-16.)
Use and rental of Council Chambers (subject to change in accordance with custodial services required for various users): (1064.06)
Community nonprofit organizations whose membership is open to residents of the community, whether adult or youth - no charge Organizations composed of eighty percent or more of City residents - $5.00 for each meeting Organizations whose paid membership is composed of less than eighty percent of City residents - $10.00 for each meeting
Kitchen fee - Additional $5.00
   (1)   Use of City Jail facilities for housing of prisoners by other governmental entities: (1066.01 (a))
$135.00 per day per prisoner
   (2)   Private Pay Prisoners (1066.01 (d))
$135.00 per day
   (3)   Prisoners requiring administrative segregation
$270.00 per day
   (4)   Registration in the North Royalton Corrections Officer Training Academy
The price charge per grave lot: (1068.03(b))
   Section A
   Section B
Sale or transfer of graves: (1068.04)
Grave opening and burial permit fees: (1068.06)
Small size
Full size
Extra deep for stacking of burials
Headstone resetting fee
Grave opening for cremation
Disinterment (regular grave)
Saturday or Sunday burial extra
Saturday opening for cremation
Funerals arriving after 3:00 p.m.
   Extra charge for each half hour or fraction thereof
   Footer installations: (1068.07)
1 ft. wide by 3 ft. long or larger
$300.00 plus $75.00 for each additional foot
Less than 1 ft. wide by 3 ft. long
Full size burial - holidays and city observed holidays
Grave opening for cremation - holidays and city observed holidays
Utilities fee for Memorial Park Pavilion:
Fees for the Sale of Compost:
Compost (1-9 cubic yards)
$10.00 per cubic yard
(10+ cubic yards)
$8.00 per cubic yard and/or as specified in contract awarded by City
Residents of the City may receive up to 2 cubic yards per season at no charge for personal use; thereafter they shall be charged at the established per cubic yard rate.Non-profit organizations may receive compost to be used within the City at no charge for a per season quantity to be determined by the Mayor or his/her designee.
Seasons shall be defined as:
Winter/Spring -- January 1 through June 30
Summer/Fall -- July 1 through December 31
In an effort to promote sales, new commercial customers (as determined by the Mayor or his/her designee) may receive a one time sampling of up to  2 cubic yards at no charge.
A cubic yard shall be as measured by the North Royalton Biosolids Composting Facility's skid steer when filled level. 4 cubic yards shall be measured as the North Royalton Biosolids Composting Facility pay loader when filled heaping.
All revenues resultant from the sale of compost shall be deposited in the Wastewater Debt Service Fund.
Right-of-way permit fee (1028.04)
(1)   Underground Private Telecommunication Lines.
Underground private telecommunication lines in public rights-of-way $1 per lineal foot plus $1,000 per intersection crossing. (1020.01, 1028.04) Cable television providers having franchise agreements with the City are excluded.
(Ord. 89-60. Passed 4-17-89; 1989-131. Passed 11-20-89; Ord. 91-41. Passed 2-5-91; Ord. 91-42. Passed 2-5-91; Ord. 92-8. Passed 1-21-92; Ord. 92-185.  Passed  6-16-92;  Ord.  92-208.  Passed  12-15-92;  Ord.  92-278.  Passed 12-1-92;  Ord. 93-48.  Passed  3-2-93;  Ord. 94-34.  Passed 2-15-94;  Ord. 93-173.  Passed 6-21-94; Ord. 96-118.  Passed 5-7-96; Ord. 97-78.  Passed 5-7-97; Ord. 98-147. Passed 9-15-98; Ord. 99-69. Passed 4-20-99; Ord. 2000-27. Passed 2-1-00; Ord. 01-48. Passed 4-17-01; Ord. 02-83. Passed 7-2-02; Ord. 02-94. Passed 7-16-02; Ord. 04-174.  Passed 9-21-04; Ord. 05-159.  Passed 1-17-06; Ord. 08-161.  Passed 7-15-08; Ord. 08-163.  Passed 7-15-08; Ord. 09-80.  Passed 7-21-09; Ord. 10-47.  Passed 4-6-10; Ord. 10-53.  Passed 4-20-10; Ord. 11-57.  Passed 5-3-11; Ord. 11-156.  Passed 12-20-11; Ord. 11-157.  Passed 12-20-11; Ord. 15-93.  Passed 10-6-15; Ord. 20-97.  Passed 7-21-20; Ord. 22-44.  Passed 3-1-22.)