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§ 3-04 Screening.
   (a)   Policy. Screening procedures shall be developed and implemented which promote timely identification of immediate needs of the inmate and of public health concerns for the institution. The initial screening shall also establish a medical baseline for ongoing care.
   (b)   Intake screening.
      (1)   Screening for health purposes is to be performed on all inmates upon their arrival at the initial receiving correctional facility. Screening shall be conducted by medical personnel prior to housing.
      (2)   The Health Authority shall develop written policies and procedures determining the topics to be reviewed during intake screening. Such review shall include but not be limited to the following:
         (i)   a history of present illnesses and past medical history including dental, vision, mental health and hearing problems, an immunization history, as well as communicable diseases such as venereal disease and tuberculosis;
         (ii)   a drug history inquiring into the use of alcohol and other addictive substances including types of drugs used, mode of use, amounts used, date of last use and a history of problems which may have occurred after ceasing use, such as convulsions;
         (iii)   inquiry into and, where appropriate verification of medication taken and special treatment requirements and planned procedures for inmates with significant health problems;
         (iv)   recording of height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, temperature;
         (v)   physical examinations and administering of tests held to be appropriate by the screening medical personnel, including but not necessarily limited to:
            (A)   tuberculin skin test, if no history of prior positive reaction, if positive to be followed by chest x-ray.
            (B)   urinalysis dipstick test for glucose, ketones, blood, protein, and bilirubin;
            (C)   serologic test for syphilis;
            (D)   gonorrhea culture for men if clinically appropriate, and gonorrhea and chlamydia screening for all women;
            (E)   rectal exams for all inmates over 40 years old.
         (vi)   observation of behavior which includes alertness, orientation, mood, affect, apparent signs of drug/alcohol withdrawal, and suicidal and homicidal ideation;
         (vii)   observation of body deformities and ease of movement;
         (viii)   observation of condition of skin, including trauma, major and/or unusual markings, bruises, lesions, jaundice, rashes and infestations, and needle marks or other indications of drug abuse;
         (ix)   observation of other health problems as designated by the screening physician or Health Authority.
         (x)   obstetrical and gynecological histories, pap smears and pregnancy tests for women.
      (3)   The results of each inmate's screening examination shall be reviewed by health care personnel and mental health staff when appropriate and one of the following actions shall be taken:
         (i)   referral to an appropriate health care service on an emergency basis; or
         (ii)   clearance for housing with follow-up scheduled later with the appropriate health care service, if required; or
         (iii)   placement in specialized housing such as infirmary or mental observation. A referral to mental observation housing shall be reviewed by mental health staff on the next tour that mental health staff are on-site.
      (4)   Intake screening for transfers may be limited to a review of the previous screening results by health care personnel, but must be completed prior to housing. A full screening need not be conducted except where any of the following apply:
         (i)   a copy of the previous intake screening form does not accompany the transferee's arrival or is lost, or illegible;
         (ii)   the accompanying form is not in compliance with standard format or procedures as determined by the Health Authority pursuant to 40 RCNY § 3-07(b); or
         (iii)   medical personnel reviewing the chart determines an inmate must be seen.
      (5)   Initial intake screening results shall be recorded on a standard printed form approved by the Health Authority.
      (6)   At the time of intake, all inmates shall receive written communication to be approved by the Health Authority, and written and distributed by DOC in English and Spanish describing available medical and dental services, the confidentiality of those services and the procedures for gaining access to them.
         (i)   the Department of Correction shall make provisions to assure that procedures for gaining access to medical and dental services are verbally explained to illiterate inmates and that inmates whose native language is other than English or Spanish are given prompt access to translators for the explanation of these procedures.
      (7)   The new admission intake screening must be completed within 24 hours of admission to DOC custody. A designated person at the Health Authority and at the Department of Correction shall be notified in writing whenever a newly admitted inmate does not receive intake screening within 24 hours of admission to DOC.