3.08.230 Preference to local vendors.
   A.   The city council, in awarding bids pursuant to Section 3.08.200, shall grant qualified local vendors a bidding preference of three percent for purchase of materials and supplies.
   B.   For purposes of this section, a "local vendor" shall be defined as any individual, partnership or corporation which regularly maintains a place of business within the corporate limits of the city; and which is shown by the records maintained by the city's finance department as having secured all necessary business licenses and as having paid all applicable fees and taxes imposed by the city.
   C.   For purposes of this section, "preference" shall mean the reduction factor applied to the bid of a local vendor.
   D.   For purposes of this section, "reduction factor" shall mean the amount by which any bid or estimate submitted by a local vendor shall be deemed by the city to be reduced as a preference for a local vendor.
(Ord. 567- 21 Exhibit A, 2021; Ord. 184 § 1, 1998)