General Regulations
   90.001   Short title
   90.002   Definitions
   90.003   Injury to property
   90.004   Manner of keeping
   90.005   Keeping barking dogs and crying cats
   90.006   Cruelty to animals prohibited
   90.007   Exhibiting wild or vicious animals
   90.008   Health hazard
   90.009   Limitation on number of dogs and cats kept
   90.010   Animals and the like in village
   90.025   Definitions
   90.026   Dogs to be inoculated and to have name tags affixed to collars
   90.027   Inoculation to be performed by licensed veterinarian; issuance of certificate
   90.028   Duration of inoculation
   90.029   Specifications for tag
   90.030   Exhibition of certificate upon request
   90.031   Restraint of dogs
   90.032   Impoundment of dogs running at large or unlicensed dogs; citation of owner or keeper
   90.033   Notice and citation to owner or keeper of impoundment
   90.034   Obstructing poundmaster
   90.035   Impoundment of dogs which have been bitten persons
   90.036   Impoundment
   90.037   Redemption of impounded animals
   90.038   Village pound designated
   90.039   Disposition of dogs deemed nuisances
   90.040   Dangerous dog; female dogs at large
   90.041   Female dogs with other dogs
Vicious and Dangerous Dogs
   90.055   Definitions
   90.056   Unlawful to maintain
   90.057   Owner’s responsibility
   90.058   Dog permitted to leave premises
   90.059   Injunction
   90.060   Liability of owner or dog attacking or injuring person
   90.061   Right of entry; inspections
   90.075   Definitions
   90.076   Vaccination against rabies required; vaccination tag
   90.077   License required
   90.078   License tag
   90.079   Information required; receipt; tag
   90.080   Cats running at large while in heat
   90.081   Wearing of collars; removal of license tag
   90.082   Public nuisance
   90.083   Cats injuring or destroying property of others
   90.084   License fee
   90.085   Hobby kennel or cattery permit
   90.086   Minimum standards of sanitation
   90.087   Disposition of fees
   90.088   Term of license
   90.089   Enforcement
   90.090   Poisoning or injuring cats
   90.091   Duty to place cat under observation; when required; procedure
   90.092   Holding impounded cats
   90.093   Shelter fee; release from shelter
   90.094   Warden’s duties
   90.095   Warden’s records and reports
   90.096   Impounding time limit
   90.097   Receiving cats at shelter; registration
   90.098   Interference with capture of cats
   90.110   Definitions
   90.111   License required
   90.112   Maximum number of licenses issued
   90.113   Duty not to create nuisance
   90.114   Compliance with state law
   90.115   Maintenance of colonies
   90.116   Revocation of license
   90.999   Penalty