(A)   Any cat impounded because of not being properly licensed shall be held by the warden for not less than 48 hours, unless sooner redeemed or released as hereinafter provided. The warden shall notify the owner of any cat impounded if such owner’s identity and address can be ascertained upon reasonable investigation. Such notice shall be given within 24 hours after such cat is impounded under any of the provisions of this subchapter.
   (B)   The notice shall inform the owner that the cat has been impounded, the purpose or reason for such impounding, and the requirements to permit release of the cat.
      (1)   Any cat remaining in the shelter unclaimed or not redeemed at the expiration of the time limit of 72 hours may be destroyed in a humane manner unless in the judgment of the warden a suitable home may be found for such cat.
      (2)   In the event the warden shall find a suitable home for such cat within the municipality, the person taking such cat shall first procure from said warden a license and metallic tag for that particular cat as provided for hereinbefore in this code. The warden is not required to charge for the sale of the cat, except for a charge for license fee and, if such cat is six months of age or older and has not had a vaccination for rabies as required by this subchapter, the person receiving the cat must have the cat vaccinated for rabies at that person’s expense.
      (3)   The humane society or like institution with whom the warden has contracted to enforce the provisions of this subchapter, may sell and transfer to a new owner any cat impounded in the animal shelter after the expiration of the time limit as set by this section, if such new owner procures a license and metallic tag for that particular cat under the provisions of this chapter. The proceeds of sale of any such cat shall be applied to any impoundment fees owing on the cat by the village, and any excess proceeds may be retained by the humane society. This division (B)(3) shall not be interpreted to prohibit the humane society from giving away any cat.
      (4)   Any impounded cat placed with a new owner shall be neutered or spayed within 15 days after release from impoundment, except for cats under six months of age. Payment for neutering must be made at the time of release and will be forwarded to a licensed veterinarian who will present a statement signed by the veterinarian and the owner stating that the surgery has been performed.
      (5)   The owner of any cat which is impounded and destroyed under this code shall be held responsible for payment of the impoundment fee set out in this code, plus the expense incident to the impoundment for observation required by this subchapter, and shall pay such fee or expense to the warden within 15 days after destruction of such cat.
(1999 Code, § 3-4-18)