§ 99.23  ISSUANCE.
   If the Clerk-Treasurer or Planning Director determines that such application, bond, insurance and license fee are sufficient, a license shall be issued to the applicant authorizing the holder of the license to perform the work as set forth in the permit under proper safeguards as to warning signals, lights, and barriers in order to prevent accidents, injuries, and damages to persons and property, and other requirements. Additional requirements, restrictions or changes in the work from that set forth in the application may be required by the town: (a) in the permit; or (b) after issuance of the permit. Further, after issuance the applicant shall:
   (A)   Display such permit at all times at the site of the excavation;
   (B)   Give notice to the Street Superintendent of town prior to every day that the excavation will be open;
   (C)   Take and have all responsibility for the work related to permit, including any liability for damage to person or property.
(Ord. 1993-2, passed 3-10-93)  Penalty, see § 99.99