(A)   Water shutoff boxes. The water shut-off boxes shall be adjusted at the time the final boulevard grade is established. Water shut-off boxes shall remain visible after the boulevard sod is installed.
   (B)   Easement acquisition and deed. Prior to the time of construction, the owner or subdivider shall obtain and supply all easements and deeds required for the project. At the time the project is complete and turned over to the city, all easements not dedicated on the final plat shall be deeded to the city in a separate recordable document.
   (C)   As-built plans. Upon completion of installation of all required improvements, the subdivider shall file with the city copies of plans and specifications showing all improvements as finally constructed and installed in both digital and paper form as required by the City Engineer. Such as-built drawings shall be certified to be true and accurate by the registered engineer responsible for the installation of the improvements.