§ 152.107  PATHWAYS.
   (A)   Trail development.
      (1)   Trail improvements shall be installed as shown on the final plat and/or master trail plan.
      (2)   All accessible bikeway/walkway trailways shall be constructed per the standard detail plats approved by the City Engineer.
      (3)   Grades and specifications shall be as approved by the City Engineer and shall meet all city, state, and federal requirements.
   (B)   Sidewalks.
      (1)   All single-family subdivisions shall have not less than a six-foot-wide concrete sidewalk on at least one side of each through street or anticipated through street to provide for safe pedestrian traffic.
      (2)   All multi-family subdivisions shall have concrete sidewalks not less than six feet wide on both sides of the main public street spine, unless otherwise approved by City Council. Sidewalks may be required on culs-de-sac.
      (3)   All sidewalks shall be located within the road right-of-way. Wherever possible, placement of the sidewalk within the right-of-way should allow for a minimum of a one-foot separation between the edge of the sidewalk and the residential property line.
      (4)   Cost of sidewalk construction within the subdivision shall be borne by the subdivider and not eligible for credit against park and trail dedication fees.
      (5)   The design must meet current standards of the city, comply with the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA), and be shown on the preliminary plat for approval. All sidewalks required by the city shall be constructed as shown on the cities standard detail plates.