(A)   Storm drainage.
      (1)   A system of drainage shall be provided that will conform and implement the city’s comprehensive stormwater plan.
      (2)   Storm sewers, culverts, stormwater inlets, and other drainage facilities will be required where they are necessary to ensure adequate stormwater drainage for the subdivision. Where required, the drainage facilities shall be constructed in accordance with the standards and specifications as adopted by the City Council.
   (B)   Stormwater maintenance. Upon successful establishment of permanent erosion control facilities the subdivider shall safeguard the storm sewer system from excess siltation caused by construction until full buildout within a subdivision, including the sodding. The subdivider shall clean all storm sewers and shall also remove silt from all ponding areas which received runoff from the development as well as all temporary erosion control devices (i.e., silt fence).
   (C)   Lot grading. All lots shall be graded in accordance with the final grading plan. In addition, erosion control measures shall be followed to eliminate erosion. Upon completion of the grading, at least four inches of topsoil shall be applied to all exposed ground areas. And said areas shall be landscaped in accordance with the final landscape plan.