(A)   Official monuments, as designated and adopted by the County Surveyor’s office and approved by the County District Court for use as judicial monuments, shall be set at each corner or angle on the outside boundary of the final plat or in accordance with a plan as approved by the City Engineer. The boundary line of the property to be included with the plat to be fully dimensioned; all angles of the boundary excepting the closing angle to be indicated; all monuments and surveyor’s irons to be indicated, each angle of the point of the boundary perimeter to be so monumented.
   (B)   Proper survey monumentation shall be placed at each lot corner and points of curvature and tangency along street rights-of-way. All Unites States, state, county, or other official bench marks, monuments, or triangular stations in or adjacent to the property shall be preserved in precise position and shall be recorded on the plat. All lot and block dimensions shall be shown on the plat and all necessary angles pertaining to the lots and block, as an aid to future surveys, shall be shown on the plat.
   (C)   To ensure that all irons and monuments are correctly in place following the final grading of a plat, a security shall be required until a certificate from the surveyor has been provided to the city verifying the placement of all monuments in accordance with this section.