In General
   70.01   Definitions
   70.02   Effect of chapter
Administration and Enforcement of Chapter
Division 1.  Generally
   70.03   Required obedience to traffic regulations
Division 2.  Penalties and Procedure on Arrest
   70.04   Penalties
   70.05   Forms for notices of arrest or appearance
   70.06   Procedure upon arrest
   70.07   Failure to obey notice or summons
   70.08   Notice of illegally parked vehicles
   70.09   Failure to comply with notice attached to parked vehicle
   70.10   Presumption in reference to illegal parking
   70.11   When complaint is to be issued
Enforcement of and Obedience to Traffic Regulations
   70.12   Authority of police officers; authority of members of Fire Department to assist police at fire
   70.13   Obedience to Police and Fire Department officials
   70.14   Persons propelling pushcarts or riding animals to obey traffic regulations
   70.15   Use of coaster, roller skates, and similar devices restricted
   70.16   Public employees to obey traffic regulations
   70.17   Special exemptions for authorized emergency vehicles
   70.18   Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   70.19   Immediate report of accident
Operation of Vehicles Generally
Division 1.  Generally
   70.20   Following fire apparatus
   70.21   Crossing fire hose
   70.22   Driving through funeral or other procession
   70.23   Driving in procession
   70.24   Funeral processions to be identified
   70.25   When permits required for parades and processions
   70.26   Vehicles not to be driven on sidewalk
   70.27   Limitations on backing into intersection
   70.28   Riding on motorcycles
   70.29   Clinging to moving vehicles
   70.30   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   70.31   Unlawful riding
   70.32   Driving through safety zone prohibited
   70.33   Driving in alleys
   70.34   Device which causes flame to be thrown from exhaust pipe prohibited
Division 2.  Speed Regulations
   70.35   Applicability of state speed laws
   70.36   Speed limits in public parks
Division 3.  Turns
   70.37   Required position and method of turning at intersections
   70.38   Authority to place and obedience to turning markers
   70.39   Obedience to no-turn signs
   70.40   Limitations on turning around
Division 4.  One-Way Streets and Alleys
   70.41   Authority to assign one-way streets and alleys
Division 5.  Through Streets, Stop Intersections, and Yield Intersections
   70.42   Through streets designated
   70.43   Stop signs - authority to erect
   70.44   Same - nature and location
   70.45   Same - duty to stop
   70.46   "Yield" intersections
Traffic-Control Signals and Devices
   70.47   Manual and specifications for traffic-control devices
   70.48   Obedience to official traffic-control devices
   70.49   When traffic devices required for enforcement purposes
   70.50   Traffic-control signal legend
   70.51   Flashing signals
   70.52   Display of unauthorized signs, signals, and markings
   70.53   Operation of vehicles - play streets
   70.54   Interference with official traffic-control devices or railroad signs or signals
   70.55   Duty of motorists to observe traffic lanes
Stopping, Standing, and Parking