General Provisions
   32.01   Adoption of National Incident Management System
   32.02   Implementing the provisions of the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act
   32.03   Public records; fees
Identity Theft Protection and Prevention Program
   32.15   Preamble; standing committee; Program Administrator
   32.16   Identity Theft Prevention Program
   32.17   Identity protection policy
   32.18   Statement of purpose for collection of Social Security numbers
Personnel Policies
   32.30   Prevailing wages
   32.31   Equal employment policy; including provisions to benefit disabled individuals
   32.32   (Reserved)
   32.33   Electing participation in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Sexual Harassment Policy
   32.40   Policy and prohibition on sexual harassment
   32.41   Definition of sexual harassment
   32.42   Procedure for reporting an allegation of sexual harassment
   32.43   Prohibition on retaliation for reporting sexual harassment allegations
   32.44   Consequences of a violation of the prohibition on sexual harassment
   32.45   Consequences for knowingly making a false report
Citizen Participation at Public Meetings
   32.60   Purpose
   32.61   Compliance
   32.62   Limitations
   32.63   Persons wishing to speak
   32.64   Speakers
   32.65   Timer
   32.66   Audience
   32.67   Representative speakers
   32.68   Public body questions
   32.69   Public hearings
   32.70   Invited speakers
Robert’s Rules of Order
   32.80   Robert’s Rules of Order