The M-1 Controlled Industrial District is intended to provide for industrial uses having a minimal impact upon the surrounding environment in areas that are suitable for industrial development by reason of their location and the availability of adequate utility and transportation systems. Industrial uses that can be operated in a clean and quiet manner, subject only to those regulations and performance standards necessary to prohibit congestion and for the protection of adjacent residential and business activities are permitted. It is anticipated that uses established in this district will be developed in an industrial park-like setting.
   (a)   Permitted Uses. Within the M-1 Controlled Industrial District, a structure or premises may be erected or used only for the following purposes:
      (1)    Commercial radio and television transmitting stations and antenna towers.
      (2)    Compounding, processing and packaging of meat, dairy and food products, exclusive of slaughtering.
      (3)    Laundries, dry cleaning and dyeing plants.
      (4)    Machine shops and tool and die shops.
      (5)    Machinery and heavy equipment rental, sales and storage.
      (6)    Medical Marijuana Cultivators, Processers and Testing Laboratories. Except in C-M.
      (7)   Manufacturing or assembling, or repairing of electrical and electronic  products, components and equipment.
      (8)    Mini-warehouses.
      (9)    Moving and storage companies.
      (10)    Offices and service centers.
      (11)   Other manufacturing, processing, assembling or compounding operations possessing characteristics similar to those industrial uses listed in this section, which can be operated in compliance with the performance standards of this section.
      (12)    Printing, publishing, binding and typesetting plants.
      (13)    Public structures not otherwise defined and regulated by this code or parking areas erected, leased or used by any department of a municipal, county, state or federal government.
      (14)   Public utilities as follows:
         A.   Electric substations, equipment structures, transmission lines and towers.
         B.   Telephone substations, distribution centers and transmission equipment structures.
         C.   Gas regulator and meter stations.
         D.   Water filtration plants.
         E.   Water pumping stations.
         F.   Sanitary sewage treatment plants.
         G.   Sanitary sewage pumping stations.
      (15)   Recycling facilities (with all operations and storage within an enclosed building).
      (16)   Research and engineering laboratories.
      (17)   Schools; primary, intermediate and secondary; both public and private.
      (18)   Sign painting and manufacturing.
      (19)   Truck and motor freight terminals.
      (20)   Automobile repair garages.
      (21)    Automotive Sales and Service (heavy).
      (22)    Recreational Vehicle Sales and Service.
      (23)    Manufactured Home, Mobile Home, Modular Home Sales.
      (24)    Agricultural Vehicle or Equipment Sales and Service.
      (25)    Wholesale bakeries and bottling works.
      (26)    Wholesale establishments, warehouses and storage facilities.
      (27)    Kennels.
      (28)    Accessory structures and uses.
      (29)   Dwellings:  Multiple-family dwellings (see Section 1125.12 (g)(13))
   (b)   Conditional Uses. Refer to Chapter 1134 (Conditional Use Regulations) for the process of obtaining a conditional use permit. The following conditional use may be approved, provided it meets the general standards found in Section 1134.03 (General Standards for Conditional Uses) and any listed specific conditions in Section 1134.08 (Supplemental Requirements for Specified Conditional Uses):
      (1)   Airport, landing field, or landing pad for aircraft.
      (2)    Parking Areas: Extension of parking into contiguous zoning district parking areas, subject to Section 1134.08.
      (3)    Parking Areas: Joint use of an off-street parking area, subject to Section 1134.08.
      (4)    Public utility control facilities or structures.
      (5)   Sweepstake terminal cafe.
      (6)   Jail / Correction Facility
   (c)   Lot Size and Yard Area Requirements. Minimum lot size and yard area requirements as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the M -I Controlled Industrial District.
   (d)   Minimum and Maximum Floor Area Requirements and Bulk Regulations. Minimum floor area requirements and bulk regulations as set forth in Section 1125.14 shall apply to all structures hereafter erected, relocated, reconstructed or structurally altered within the M-1 Controlled Industrial District.
   (e)   Off-Street Parking, Loading and Storage Regulations. Off-street parking, loading and storage regulations as set forth in Chapter 1141 shall apply to all uses established within the M-1 Controlled Industrial District.
   (f)   Signs Permitted.  Signs shall be permitted in the M -1 Controlled Industrial District in accordance with Chapter 1143.
   (g)   Performance Standards. Any use constructed, established, altered or enlarged in the M-1 Controlled Industrial District shall be operated in a manner that complies with the following standards. No existing use shall be altered or modified so as to conflict with the standards established herein.
      (1)   All manufacturing, assembling, processing, packaging and compounding shall be conducted within completely enclosed structures.
      (2)    Except as otherwise specified in this section, no outdoor storage of inventory, processing equipment, raw materials, or partially finished goods shall be permitted unless effectively screened in accordance with Chapter 1145 (Minimum Landscape Requirements).
      (3)    Noise from any operation conducted on the premises, either continuous or intermittent, shall be subject to the provisions of Chapter 543 of the General Offenses Code.
      (4)    No structure shall be used for residential purposes, except that a watchman may reside on the premises.
      (5)    No manufacturing emission or disposal of toxic or noxious matter which is injurious to human health, comfort or enjoyment of life and property , or to animal and plant life shall be permitted, including radioactive materials, flammable or explosive substances and other hazardous chemical products.
      (6)    The emission from all sources within the district of smoke or other air pollutants as defined by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency shall not violate the respective air quality standards of the Ohio EPA.
      (7)    The emission of odors or odor-causing substances, which can be detected at or beyond the district boundary, is prohibited.
      (8)    Vibrations, which can be detected without the use of instruments at or  beyond the property lines, are prohibited.
      (9)    Exterior lighting fixtures shall be shaded wherever necessary to avoid casting direct light upon property located within any residence district.
      (10)    In interpreting the above standards, either the Building and Zoning Inspector or the applicant may request an interpretation from the Planning Commission.
         A.   For the purposes of such interpretation the Plaru1ing Commission may consider a written report on the expected performance of the subject use by a qualified consultant appointed by the applicant, as well as a qualified consultant appointed by the Commission. Fees for such consulting services shall be paid by the applicant.
         B.   Failure of the Planning Commission to give an interpretation within forty-five (45) calendar days from of the date the request is first heard shall be considered an interpretation favorable to the applicant.
      (11)    Automotive sales and service (heavy), recreational vehicle sales and service, manufactured, mobile and modular home sales and service and agricultural vehicle or equipment sales and service may include outside storage of vehicles, equipment and structures for sale or rent, provided such vehicles or equipment shall not be stored or displayed in any required yard.
      (12)   Medical Marijuana Cultivators, Processers and Testing Laboratories shall comply with Chapter 3796 of the Ohio Revised Code and Part Seven of the Maumee Codified Ordinance. 
      (13)   Multiple-family dwellings.  A multiple-family dwelling constructed in an M-1 zoning district must meet the same requirements as a multiple-family dwelling unit constructed in an R-4 zoning district including all requirements for multiple-family dwellings contained is Chapters 1135, 1136, 1141, and 1145.  Building and site design, materials and landscaping must be compatible with surrounding structures and area and shall be approved at the discretion of the Zoning Administrator (or designee).  Building must be a minimum of four (4) stories.  First floor finished ceiling height must be a minimum of twelve (12) feet and minimum nine (9) foot finished ceiling height in each story above the first.  The preference is for compatible office or industrial use of the first floor with residential above the first floor.  Dwellings may be on the first floor but first floor construction must allow for easy conversion to accommodate the occupancy of other M-1 permitted uses.  Any first floor occupancy other than residential must be compatible with the residential use of the building and shall be approved at the discretion of the Zoning Administrator (or designee).
         (Ord. 113-2020.  Passed 12-21-20.)