Design Standards
1136.01   Purpose and design standards.
1136.02   Applicability.
1136.03   Procedures/related approvals for non-CM Zoning Districts.
1136.04   Procedures/related approvals for CM Zoning Districts.
1136.05   Exterior wall standards.
1136.06   Roof design standards for all structures.
1136.07   Fenestration requirements for all new buildings, and where practical in rehabbed building in the R-4, C-1, C-2, C-3 and C-4 Districts.
1136.08   Parking lots and site standards.
1136.09   Pedestrian circulation.
1136.10   Landscaping and screening.
1136.11   Building design accent standards.
1136.12   Building design standards for one-family and two-family dwelling units.
1136.13   Lighting standards.
1136.14   Conflict.