4-3C-1: Definitions
4-3C-2: Authority Of the Liquor Commissioner
4-3C-3: Inspection
4-3C-4: General Duties Of All Video Gaming Licenses
4-3C-5: Continuing Duty To Report Violations
4-3C-6: Duties Of Licensed Video Terminal Operators
4-3C-7: Duties Of Licensed Video Gaming Locations
4-3C-8: Minimum Standards For Use Agreements
4-3C-9: Direct Dispensing Of Receipts Tickets Only
4-3C-10: Restriction Of Licenses
4-3C-11: Residency Requirement
4-3C-12: Multiple Types Of Licenses Prohibited
4-3C-13: Display Of Licenses; Hours Of Operation
4-3C-14: Video Gaming Terminal Use By Minors Prohibited
4-3C-15: Licensing Qualifications
4-3C-16: Licensing Procedures
4-3C-17: Denials of Applications For Licensure
4-3C-18: Disciplinary Actions Against Licensees
4-3C-19: Location And Placement Of Video Gaming Terminals
4-3C-20: Disposal Of Video Gaming Terminals
4-3C-21: State-Local Relations
4-3C-22: Number Of Licenses; Classifications Of Licenses
4-3C-23: Privilege Granted By License; Transferability
4-3C-24: Licenses Subject To Amendments
4-3C-25: Applicability Of Illinois Riverboat Gambling Act
4-3C-26: Judicial Review