General Provisions
   153.01   Short title
   153.02   Intent
   153.03   Statutory authorization
   153.04   Definitions
   153.05   Applicability of impact fees
   153.06   Impact fees as conditions of development approval
   153.07   Establishment of roadway service areas
   153.08   Land use assumptions
   153.09   Service units
   153.10   Impact fees per service unit
   153.11   Roadway Improvement Plan
   153.12   Updates to plan and revision of fees
Impact Fees; Use of Proceeds
   153.25   Assessment of impact fees
   153.26   Calculation of impact fees
   153.27   Collection of impact fees
   153.28   (Reserved)
   153.29   Offsets and credits against impact fees
   153.30   Establishment of accounts and records
   153.31   Use of proceeds of capital recovery fee accounts
Administration and Enforcement
   153.45   Appeals
   153.46   Refunds
   153.47   Functions of Advisory Committee
   153.48   Agreement for capital improvements
   153.49   Use of other financing mechanisms
   153.50   Impact fees as additional and supplemental regulation
   153.51   Relief procedures
Cross reference:
   Sewer and water impact fees, see §§ 51.095 et seq.
   Subdivisions, see Ch. 154