General Provisions
   92.01   Definitions
   92.02   Business injurious to health; offensive substances on premises
   92.03   Throwing refuse on public or private premises
   92.04   Nuisances defined; prohibited; notice; abatement
   92.05   Vegetation
   92.06   Junkyards and wrecking yards prohibited
   92.07   Abatement
   92.08   Injunctive remedy
   92.09   Court procedure at instance of aggrieved citizen
   92.10   Fee scheduled adopted by reference
Regulation of Smoking
   92.20   Definitions
   92.21   Smoking prohibited in public places
   92.22   Regulation of smoking in eating establishments, nightclubs, adult entertainment establishments, billiard halls, bingo parlors, and bowling centers
   92.23   Regulation of smoking in the workplace
   92.24   Where smoking is not regulated
   92.25   Posting of signs; placing receptacles
   92.26   Exemptions
   92.27   Culpability
   92.28   Restricted smoking materials; purpose
   92.29   Sale, delivery, offer, or gift
   92.30   Use or possession of restricted smoking material
   92.31   Use or possession of restricted smoking paraphernalia
   92.32   Location of sale of restricted smoking material and restricted smoking paraphernalia
   92.33   Defenses to prosecution
   92.34   Sale or distribution of electronic vaping device and liquid nicotine to minors prohibited
   92.35   Possession of electronic vaping device and liquid nicotine by minors prohibited
Public Swimming Pool/Spa
   92.40   Designation of regulatory authority
   92.41   State regulations and guidelines
   92.42   Definitions
   92.43   Permit required
   92.44   Review of plans and requirements
   92.45   Inspections
   92.46   [Reserved]
   92.47   Pool/spa/interactive water feature closures and records
   92.48   Suspension and revocation of permit
   92.49   Public pool/spa manager certification
   92.99   Penalty