General Provisions
   30.01   Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) - election to participate; adoption by reference
Officer and Employee Liability Plan
   30.15   Definitions
   30.16   Plan established
   30.17   Coverage
   30.18   Defense
   30.19   Limits of coverage; expenses
   30.20   Exclusions
   30.21   Notice of occurrence, claim or suit; cooperation
   30.22   Plan period
   30.23   Subrogation
   30.24   Legal presentation
   30.25   Determination of coverage
   30.26   No creation of cause of action
   30.27   Administration
   30.28   Payments subject to appropriation
   30.29   No right to fund
   30.30   Amendment, repeal and termination
Code of Ethics and Conduct for City Elected Officials and Board and Committee Members
   30.40   Statement of purpose
   30.41   Definitions
   30.42   Affected parties
   30.43   Standards of conduct
   30.44   Prohibited conduct
   30.45   Disclosure of interest
   30.46   Voting for appointments to City Boards, Commissions and Committees and applicant responsibility to report campaign contributions
   30.47   Enforcement
   30.48   Advisory opinions
   30.49   Penalties; forfeited position; exemptions; injunctions
   30.50   Distribution of Code of Ethics and conduct