§ 156.002 INTENT.
    In enacting this chapter, the village intends to exercise its authority over rights-of-way in the village and, in particular the use of public ways and property by utilities and others desiring to utilize rights-of-way, by establishing uniform standards to address issues presented by such facilities, including without limitation to:
   (A)   Prevent interference with the use of streets, sidewalks, alleys, parkways and other public ways and places;
   (B)   Prevent the creation of visual and physical obstructions and other conditions that are hazardous to vehicular and pedestrian traffic;
   (C)   Prevent interference with the facilities and operations of the village's utilities and of other utilities lawfully located in rights-of-way or public property;
   (D)   Protect against environmental damage, including damage to trees, from the installation of utility facilities;
   (E)   Prevent visual blight from the proliferation of facilities in the rights-of-way;
   (F)   Preserve the character of the neighborhoods in which facilities are installed;
   (G)   Assure the continued safe use and enjoyment of private properties adjacent to utility facilities locations; and
   (H)   Prevent proliferation of facilities utilizing rights-of-way or areas adjacent to rights-of-way which would increase the expense of maintenance and the cost of repair, rebuilding, or expansion of rights-of-way;
   (I)   Keep roadside ditches and culverts clean and maintained properly so they can adequately convey stormwater;
   (J)   Prevent unauthorized changes to public stormwater facilities that affect properties up and down stream; and
   (K)   Outline maintenance expectations for owners of properties adjacent to public right-of-way.
(Ord. 21-06-02, passed 6-22-2021; Ord. 22-03-04, passed 3-22-2022)