(A)    Any person performing any act that is in violation of the provisions of this chapter which damages village infrastructure or public improvements shall immediately notify the village of the location and extent of the damages.
   (B)   A person who damages village infrastructure or creates or maintains an obstruction or encroachment and who fails to repair such damage or remove the obstruction or encroachment from the public way within 48 hours or within the time period as set by the village shall be liable for the cost of repair or removal.
   (C)   The village may remove or cause the removal of unauthorized, improperly constructed, abandoned, or unattended personal property and facilities within the right-of-way and charge the cost of removal and disposal to the person responsible for the deposit of such property in the right-of-way.
   (D)   The costs to be charged shall include, but not be limited to, labor and overhead based on the personnel involved in administering this section. The amount so charged shall be billed to the person responsible. The amount shall be paid to the village within 30 days after the date of the bill.
(Ord. 21-06-02, passed 6-22-2021; Ord. 22-03-04, passed 3-22-2022)