(A)    The permittee shall remove all excess material and restore all turf and terrain and other property within ten days after any portion of the rights-of-way are disturbed, damaged, or destroyed due to construction or maintenance by the permittee, all to the satisfaction of the village. The time period provided in this chapter may be extended by the village for good cause shown.
   (B)   Restoration of entrances and side roads is required. Restoration of roadway surfaces shall be made using materials and methods approved by the village and as set forth in the Village Infrastructure Design Manual and associated detail drawings.
   (C)   Such cleanup and repair may be required to consist of backfilling, regrading, reseeding, resodding, or any other requirement to restore the right-of-way to a condition substantially equivalent to that which existed prior to the commencement of the project and the installation of vegetative landscape screening if required under the provisions of this chapter.
   (D)   All public improvements shall be fully and completely restored. When grass areas are disturbed the applicant or their agent shall do the following for restoration of grass:
      (1)   Initial grading. Remove or break down all large clods sufficiently enough to avoid trip or other hazards.
      (2)   Final grading. Remove or break down clumps of dirt sufficiently for planting, hand rake the dirt out, apply seed starter, sow grass seed, place a biodegradable straw mat and secure with biodegradable pins, and then water the area sufficiently to begin germination.
(Ord. 21-06-02, passed 6-22-2021; Ord. 22-03-04, passed 3-22-2022) Penalty, see § 156.999