Applications may be denied on the basis of incompleteness or as not being in compliance with this chapter or in compliance with any other ordinance, rule or regulation for a related permit or license. The reason(s) for the denial shall be made known to the applicant in writing at the time of denial. The applicant shall be allowed to correct or compete the application and resubmit it to the Clerk or appeal to the Village Administrator
   (A)   The Village Administrator is hereby authorized to promulgate rules and/or regulations, not in conflict with this chapter, to supplement and specify in more detail requirements relating to special events. Failure to observe any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to this chapter shall constitute an ordinance violation.
   (B)   No special event shall begin before 7:00 a.m. nor continue after 10:00 p.m. In cases where the desired hours of the special event are outside the limits as described herein, upon application, the Village Administrator shall have the authority to vary the permitted hours to accommodate the activities of such special event, taking into consideration the impact of such special event on the village's resources and property.
(Ord. 20-10-01, passed 10-20-2020)