The Utilities Manager, or an authorized representative shall have the right to enter the premises of any user to determine whether the user is complying with all requirements of this appendix and any individual wastewater discharge permit or order issued hereunder. Users shall allow the Utilities Manager ready access to all parts of the premises at reasonable times for the purposes of inspection, independent sampling, records examination and copying, and the performance of any additional duties.
   (A)   Where a user has security measures in force which require proper identification and clearance before entry into its premises, the user shall make necessary arrangements with its security guards so that, upon presentation of suitable identification, the Utilities Manager shall be permitted to enter without delay for the purposes of performing specific responsibilities.
   (B)   The Utilities Manager shall have the right to set up on the user's property, or require installation of, such devices as are necessary to conduct sampling and/or metering of the user's operations.
   (C)   The Utilities Manager may require the user to install monitoring equipment as necessary. The facility's sampling and monitoring equipment shall be maintained at all times in a safe and proper operating condition by the user at its own expense. All devices used to measure wastewater flow and quality shall be calibrated annually to ensure their accuracy.
   (D)   Any temporary or permanent obstruction to safe and easy access to the facility to be inspected and/or sampled shall be promptly removed by the user at the written or verbal request of the Utilities Manager and shall not be replaced. The costs of clearing such access shall be born by the user.
   (E)   Unreasonable delays in allowing the Utilities Manager access to the user's premises shall be a violation of this appendix.
(Ord. 1998-20, passed 11-17-98; Am. Ord. 2012-19, passed 9-18-12)