(A)   Standards meeting.  Should a violation by a user occur following a review meeting with that user, the city shall notify the offending user, in writing, through a notice of standards meeting as to the particulars of such violation and set a time and place for a meeting (hereinafter called a standards meeting) to be attended by representatives of the city and the user.  The city may upon determination that a violation has occurred, send the user notice of standards meeting without first having a review meeting.  The purpose of such a meeting shall be to establish such procedures, investigations, and studies as the city deems necessary and desirable for the determination of such action as it may require of the user to control and prevent discharges in violation of the limitations on discharge.
   (B)   Compliance directive.
      (1)   Following the completion of the investigations and studies described in above, the city may direct and require the user to take such action as may be required to control and prevent discharges in violation of the limitations on discharge, including pretreatment of those wastewaters which contain or may contain pollutants subject to limitations on discharge.
      (2)   If the city has sufficient information at the time of the standards meeting to determine necessary action, it may, at the time of the standards meeting, direct and require the user to take such action, including pretreatment, without further investigation or study, and the user shall comply.
      (3)   The user shall cooperate fully with the city in making such investigations and studies as may be required.
      (4)   Following a directive in writing hereinafter called compliance directive by the city to require the user to take necessary action, the user shall, within 180 days, submit to the city for review, a schedule for compliance and preliminary information regarding any pretreatment facilities to be provided.  Such preliminary information shall include, without limitation, the nature and type of facilities and equipment proposed, their general location and the degree of treatment anticipated.  The city shall review and discuss the schedule and preliminary information with the user.  Final acceptance by the city of the schedule and plans, modified as required by the city following discussions with the user, shall be within 30 days of the submittal of an acceptable schedule and plans to the city.  Such approval does not release the user from responsibility for compliance with the provisions of this chapter, either before or after any pretreatment facilities are operational, nor does such approval constitute a liability of the city should the facilities fail to produce an acceptable pollutant concentration.
      (5)   The user shall keep the city informed as to the progress of work to provide required pretreatment facilities through written reports submitted monthly.
      (6)   Failure to comply with the compliance directive of the city regarding pretreatment facilities or failure to comply with the schedule, as approved, shall be deemed a violation of the provisions of this chapter and may be grounds for revocation of the users wastewater discharge permit.
   (C)   Variance procedures.  Any user issued a compliance directive under the provisions of this subchapter shall apply for a variance at least five days prior to the next monthly Board meeting, petition the Board for a variance or variances in accordance with this chapter.  Failure to so apply shall be a violation of the chapter and shall subject the user to the penalties provided in this chapter.
(Ord. 1984-35, passed 12-18-84) Penalty, see § 51.999