113.01   Generally
   113.02   Local Liquor Control Commission
   113.03   Powers of Local Commission
   113.04   Examination of applicant for local license
   113.05   Issuance of licenses; terms and fees
   113.06   Privilege granted by license
   113.07   Persons ineligible to license
   113.08   Premises licensed; transfer of license to other premises
   113.09   Opening and closing hours
   113.10   Sales to minors, habitual drunkards and mental incompetents
   113.11   Retail sales on election days
   113.12   Display of license
   113.13   Unobstructed view of licensed premises
   113.14   Refund
   113.15   Local Liquor Control Commission and Local Liquor Control Commissioner to include agency
   113.16   Subsequent resolutions, amendments or regulations
   113.17   Sales on Sunday
   113.18   Minimum age of employee, agent or servant serving liquor
   113.19   Use of masculine gender includes all
   113.20   Revocation of licenses
   113.21   Regulations