(A)   Licenses for the sale at retail of alcoholic liquors shall be issued by said Local Liquor Control Commission upon proper application and upon approval thereof by said Local Liquor Control Commission.  Such licenses shall be issued for a term of one year beginning on July 1 of the year in which such license is applied for and expiring June 30 of the succeeding year.
   (B)   A license fee of all retail liquor establishments including vineyards shall be $600 per year except for those clubs or organizations which are considered to be a semi-user, the fee shall be $125 per year, payable in advance, shall be paid by each application and before issuance of a license to such applicant.
   (C)   Applications may be made to the Commission and licenses may be issued for any portion of a year beginning after July 1 of any license year and expiring June 30 of said license year, and said licenses, if granted, shall be paid for in proportion to the time they are in effect as compared with a full license year and all such licenses shall expire on June 30 at the regular time of expiration of all other licenses issued in accordance with the provisions of this resolution.
(Ord. O-2012.05, passed 7-10-2012)