The Chairman of the County Board shall be the Local Liquor Control Commissioner and that other members of said County Board appointed by said Chairman of said County Board to assist said Local Control Commissioner in the exercise of the powers and the performance of the duties provided by law and by ordinance or resolution duly enacted, shall, with said chairman of said County Board, be and constitute the Local Liquor Control Commission in and for the county, which Local Liquor Control Commission shall exercise all of the powers and perform all of the duties provided by law or by resolutions, or ordinances duly adopted. The Local Liquor Control Commission shall be charged with the administration in its retrospective jurisdiction of all appropriate provisions of said Illinois Liquor Control Act and of such ordinances and resolutions relating to the alcoholic liquor as may be enacted by the County Board or the Local Liquor Commission.  The County Clerk and the State’s Attorney of the county shall act as clerk and legal advisor respectively of said Liquor Control Commission.
(Ord. O-2012.05, passed 7-10-2012)