Amusement Devices
701.01   Definitions.
701.02   License required.
701.03   Issuance of license.
701.04   Denial of license.
701.05   Exemptions.
701.06   Applications.
701.07   Issuance restrictions.
701.08   License for one device or for group of devices.
701.09   License per arcade.
701.10   Fees and number of amusement devises permitted.
701.11   Additional devices and arcades.
701.12   Affidavit required; false affidavit.
701.13   Gambling devices not to be licensed.
701.14   License and registration information.
701.15   License expiration.
701.16   Suspension or revocation.
701.17   Metal tag or plastic decal to be displayed on each machine.
701.18   Unlicensed or unregistered devices.
701.19   Operation by minors.
701.20   Hours of operation of arcades.
701.21   Prohibited devices.
701.22   Records to be kept.
701.23   Coin operated billiard tables; licensing; fees; minors.
701.24   Transfer of license and registration.
701.25   Misrepresentation by a minor under the age of eighteen.
701.26   Misrepresentation of name, age or identification of minor  under the age of eighteen.
701.27   Posting of notice.
Gambling - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 517
Slugs - see GEN. OFF. 545.11