(a)   The Chief of Police may issue licenses for one coin operated mechanical amusement device or skill pool table or for more than one such device on the same license blank, in case one person or company is the owner of several machines, which it is desired to exhibit at different locations.  However, for each machine licenses a numbered metal tag or plastic decal shall be issued to the licensee for each machine so covered.  Such metal tags or plastic decals are to be provided by the Chief of Police, one for each machine so licensed, and one is to be attached to each machine exhibited for identification purposes.
   (b)   In addition thereto, each owner requesting a group license shall file with his application a list of the machines to be licensed, showing the name of each exhibitor; the number of machines to be exhibited at each address; the nature of the business to be conducted at each place of exhibit; the make, name, model and other identifying information relative to the machines to be exhibited.  Each group license issued shall show the numbers of the metal tags or plastic decals issued to cover such licensed machines.  The license fee for a group license shall be the product of the number of machines licensed, times the fee for one license.
(Ord. 2612.  Passed 4-8-92.)